Towns with no Roads?

Let's improve the location of place=town nodes in OpenStreetMap

Stamen Watercolor Plano de Manila y sus Arrables, Francisco J. de Gamoneda; imp. lit. de Ramon Montes, original scale 1:10,000, 1898. Perry-CastaƱeda Library Map Collection.

Location of settlements such as cities, towns and villages are very important features that should be in any map like OpenStreetMap (OSM). Most towns and cities tagged as place=town or city in the Philippines are already added in the OSM. Unfortunately, some of them are not located in the town's center or plaza. You can help improve the location of Philippine towns in OSM.

Editing data in OpenStreetMap

Mapping in OpenStreetMap is as easy as these 3 steps.

  1. Set up an account and get a log in from OpenStreetMap.
  2. Learn to map. Watch this video and follow the instructions.

  3. Introduction to editing in OpenStreetMap by
  4. Start mapping!

Drag the Town node near the town center

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The map above shows a 2 km^2 grid where a town node is located. Within this grid, we computed the length of roads. The grids shown are towns where there are no roads. That doesn't look right. Town nodes are normally placed within the town center where there is "a range of shops and facilities used by people from nearby villages" and of course, roads. If you think the town node is misplaced, help us improve the location in OSM.

  1. Browse the map above to check for towns with no roads. Zoom-in close enough.
  2. Click the "i" button on the lower right corner of the map and click Improve this map link. This will open your preferred OSM editor (either iD, JOSM or potlatch).
  3. Simply drag the place=town node to the correct location.
  4. Also add as much detail within the town center such as amenities, buildings, roads and other structures.
  5. When saving your edits, include the comment #noroadtown to your changeset.


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